Nico de Transilvania

DJ/Producer & Creative Director

Debut single ‘Come get your Sisters’

out now!

You can purchase it from all global platforms , Beatport , I-tunes, Juno , all sales profits will go towards my charitable initiative Forests Without Frontiers

Artwork design by Romanian artist Ioana Olahut 

Promo video for making of the upcoming album ‘Be One’ directed and produced by Nico, filmed and edited by Ben Cole.

After a lifelong love-affair with music, and a well established DJing career, I am releasing my first album ‘Be One'. One of my aims is to help preserve the old traditional instruments and folk songs from my homeland Transilvania and bring them back to life on an electronic dance music platform. This album weaves together the two genres of music that I have been DJing: the electronic dance music and the world music. The album is co-produced in collaboration with Tom Beaufoy (Evil Nine) and Abstract Source, both of them helping me compose the style of music I love to dance to. With this in mind, I have designed the album as one of my own DJ sets, bringing the soul to the electronic music, by using live instruments and vocals recorded in the mountains of Transylvania and recording studio in Bucharest and London by Wes Maebe. It is also meant to make you move your body, which is the goal of all of my sets - to make us dance! This is a ‘Muzică Without Frontiers’ production and MWF CIC has launched a charitable initiative called “Forests Without Frontiers” which means that all donations made will go towards planting oak trees in Transylvania. Please help us plant a forest for the future generations and preserve the environment where these communities live. I would like to acknowledge the “The Administration of National Cultural Fund” in Romania who have part-funded this project and all my Kickstarter supporters from last year, who helped me make it happen!

Pictures from ‘Making Off’ the album taken by Raoul Poenar in Romania.

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